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Update O&O FileErase 14.6 Build 581


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Over time, many very private or business-critical files accumulate on a computer. What happens to these files when you no longer need them? Moving to the Recycle Bin is far from enough to really protect your privacy. O&O FileErase destroys files and folders for you at the touch of a button. You can decide yourself with which security level your data should be destroyed. And you have full control over which files or folders O&O FileErase should delete for you.
Even data that is erased with the low levels of security can not be recovered with commercially available data recovery programs. These methods are suitable e.g. for deleting your private photos or videos before sharing or selling your computer. Data that is deleted at medium or high levels of security can not be recovered even in data recovery laboratories or by specialized agencies. For example, use these methods to delete sensitive company or financial data.

Protect your private information from data theft
O&O FileErase erases files and folders safely, reliably and irrecoverably.

Saves time and nerves
Simply select which files or folders you want to delete, O&O FileErase does the rest for you.

You have full control
You determine the desired security level of data destruction. Select with a click the files or folders to be deleted. O&O FileErase clearly shows you exactly what it is doing.

Use in a company
A license from O&O FileErase is bound to a computer. If you want to safely destroy files on any number of PCs in your company, then our O&O SafeErase Admin Edition is the right choice. The license is linked to an administrator and can be used as often as desired on company-owned computers.

Data deletion as a service
You want to offer your customers secure data destruction as a service? Then the O&O FileErase Tech Edition is the right choice for you. It is licenses to a service provider who can safely destroy data on any number of customer computers.

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